Oskar Digital Photography in London

Hello World!

Ok now what? Maybe a bit about who I am and what I am intending to do here would be useful, to remind myself mostly. So on the odd day when I pop in after the digital shine of this new toy has worn off I can go. “Oh yeah! That’s what I was doing.”

I’m a Photographer among other things, I find it hard to just do one thing quite honestly and for a lot of my life I accused myself of being inconsistent and childish for it. In reality I am a lover of experience, I just don’t see why I need to tie myself down to one thing and not do anything else. I consistently hear “Life is short.”, “You only live once.” and other clichés from people around me and I think to myself don’t sit around waiting for the right time or place Oskar just get out there and see what happens. So I have and one small step at a time I keep doing that.

I’ve loved looking at and creating images all my life from young me drawing pictures to older me discovering the magic of still and moving images and then finding out I could make them. I have now been taking still’s for almost 20 years (Wow that’s a revelation) It has been a consistent passion in my life. I photograph anything from products to portraits, I have in the last 5 years worked more and more with performance and event photography which has been really rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of building a narrative with my images or finding a way to convey the atmosphere and energy of a performance.

Oskar Marchock is a Photographer and IT Professional

He photographs events, weddings as well as wandering round the world and capturing moments never to be repeated. He believes it is  important to treat each engagement with sensitivity and especially when photographing people to give them space and time to be comfortable with the camera around them so that taking photographs is not intrusive. It is important to him to allow there to be a relationship between the photographer and subject and it is the exploration of this relationship and the creating of images that ‘speak’ to the viewer that feeds his passion for this discipline.

In the world of IT he has spent the last 12 years working in the background building systems and networks to for large corporations. Now striking out on his own he seeks to take his knowledge and skills to smaller companies and charities to help them to leverage the power of mobile solutions available so that they can focus on what they do best and not get bogged down in technology.

If you are interested in contacting Oskar for either of the services he offers you can email him at: oskar@digitaloskar.co.uk

or found on my Facebook Page

You can find examples of my work here:



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