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Hello world!

Dipping my toe in the Social Media Ocean is pretty exciting. There is so much going on out here and it’s pretty easy to be overwhelmed. I’m trying to keep my information streams to a minimal but even then it’s pretty full on.

Right now I am sorting through over a decade of digital images and trying to work out how I can make sense of them for more public display here. This is when a touch of OCD would have come in handy unfortunately I tend to sit on the other end of that spectrum. It is lovely to wander through the images I have taken in the past reminding me of good times, places I have been and people I have lost touch with.

My camera has been a wonderful reason to get out into the world and see things and to meet people. I was as a young person fantastically shy and having a camera was for me the perfect way of being out in the world and talking to people without feeling stupid. I had a job to do, take pictures, fantastic!

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