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USA Trip – Roller-coaster at Dusk

This photograph I took on another trip out to the West Coast of America. I didn’t actually ride this roller-coaster and I am not sure why that was. I am not normally one to pass up a cheap thrill ride in an amusement park. Instead I opted for taking this rather amusing picture of it in the dusk light before we headed home the Hotdog on a Stick sign still tickles me when I see it.

Painting with Light

Leaf Light Painting

It’s been a bit longer than I intended to be with my next post but I have been busy and sometimes real life can pull you away from the digital one. So what have I been up to? I’ve been exploring the world of Skillpages which is a sort of Freelance directory where you can put your skills up and also put out opportunities for other Freelancers a kind of open market which so far has not appeared to generated much by way of traffic but I am not really sure what is expected of me in order to create interest. The thing about all this Social Media is it is great for getting the word out if you spend all your time on it updating and posting, but if you also want to be out in the world doing what you do and not constantly attached to your smart phone it can be tricky to keep the momentum going I think.

Anyway while being out and about in the world I have been doing some experimental work with my photographs, a friend of mine sent me a youtube link of a guy demonstrating how he ‘paints with light’ (his website is at http://americanprideandpassion.com ) it was fascinating to me. When I was just starting out with my camera before digital cameras were about. I remember watching a TV programmer about the history of photography and one of the historians being interviewed using exactly the same phrase it instantly caught my imagination and I have been taking photographs with that in mind ever since. So to see this technique was really exciting for me and I have been experimenting with it and getting more and more of an idea of how to use it myself. It has been great fun and taken a fair bit of time but always worth it.

Bunnies and conkers

Conkers and Bunnies

The downside to rain is that I won’t take my camera out. I keep intending to get myself something more portable and less likely to break my heart if it gets hurt but I haven’t got round to that yet. So for me rainy and not so weather friendly days are time to stay inside and get a little creative.

Earlier on this week inspired by the sight of kids throwing sticks into the trees to get conkers I wandered around the park picking up bits and pieces to photograph indoors. I really enjoy the challenge of trying to get the perfect shot on the fly with live action but there is something really fun and exciting about constructing an image in a controlled environment. This is where I really get a chance to get to know my camera and all that it can do. Often when I am out in low light places where I am catching everything live and usually without a flash. I will for the most part just go with the best medium I can capture at the time and know that post shoot processing will require a bit more time. In a controlled setting though it’s about getting it all in the shot and keeping any tweaking to a minimum.

Here I made a put together a little mini studio with some books and card and using the natural light coming through my window then reflected using a mirror to focus on parts of the image played with apature to explore depth of field. I love autumn colours the rich are a real joy to capture and my little pompom bunnies just hanging around in my room finally found something to do. I expect I will be using them again, later on coming across some stop frame software I decided to make a short (very short) animation with them.

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