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Photograph of Cranes – Construction Site Kings Cross

It feels like London has been one big construction site for years now a day doesn’t seem to go by without a road being dug up or a building being torn down. The pace of things seems to have picked up to almost fever pitch. With the Olympics just round the corner and I often wonder just how it’s all going to get done in time. Kings Cross is one of the hot spots for construction it seems though of all the other places I think it is seeing some progress at least. Inch by inch the scaffolding creeps its way across the station and surrounding buildings, revealing shiny new glass and steel structures (the architectural flavor of the decade). I often find myself being drawn to the sight of the huge cranes that seem to float above the city. I am often at dusk or dawn captivated by their calm heights as they bask in the sunlight and the open air. Commodities we are a bit short of down on the ground amongst the buildings and the rubble.

Dallas Tx

Dallas Texas Hotel Room

View from my window

I took this image while I was away on a business trip in Dallas what strikes me every time I go to the US is how much space there is over there.

Ordinarily I suppose there are a number of reasons why this image should go into the bin, the flash flare and me holding my camera in the reflection, but I like it. It reminds me that I’m there, looking out and being part of the moment here, that I got to be there and see that amazing sunset. It also has the sense of the voyeur about it after all that is essentially what I am watching the world around me waiting for a moment to catch my attention so I can put it in my camera and keep it.

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